Therapy Services

Essential developmental services for children with special needs ages birth to 18.

ABA is a program that monitors the behavior of an individual
and identifies the environmental and behavioral factors
that trigger the behavior. It addresses how children can
develop appropriate behaviors and skills. 

Applied Behavioral Analysis

It’s normal to experience, at one time or another a behavioral,
social or health issue that can disrupt life and harm
relationships. Our Mental Health professionals specialize
in assessing and treating a variety of emotional, behavioral
and developmental difficulties. We work with children, teen,
adults and entire families.

Behavioral Therapy

Speech Language Pathologists help children with language
delays and disorders, cleft palate and craniofacial
disorders, Cochlear implants and hearing loss, autism
spectrum disorders, down syndrome, traumatic brain injury,
and feeding and swallowing disorders, among others.

Speech Therapy

Physical Therapists work with children who have neuromuscular conditions that affect body functions. Working on strengthening, range of motion, endurance, walking and
balance can help children improve mobility and return
them to a previous functional status or an age-appropriate

Physical Therapy

​Occupational Therapists help children stay engaged in
activities that give them pleasure or a sense of purpose.
Some of these activities may include self-care skills, feeding,
play, developmental skills, visual perception, handwriting,
and fine motor skills. Specific therapeutic approaches
may include sensory integration strategies, adaptive equipment,
splinting and casting, and activities that promote
increased functional use of upper extremities.

Occupational Therapy